‘Mommy & Me’ iGreen Promotion

Preserve Vision Florida and iGreen have partnered in “Mommy & Me,” a program that offers half-price glasses frames for children (when a parent’s frame is purchased for full price) during the month of July.

There’s nothing more amazing than sharing something in common with your little one. So why not wear the same frames before Back-to-School? With iGreen you can customize your eyeglasses to match your mini you. Purchase one frame for Mom or Dad, and a child gets a matching frame at 50 percent off.

Socially conscious and charitable at heart, the iGreen eyewear family strives for the perfect pair – handmade in the USA with love.

Preserve Vision Florida is a statewide non-profit agency established in 1957. Over the years, PVF has promoted eye health and safety through public awareness campaigns, screened hundreds of thousands of children and adults, and directly assisted tens of thousands with medical exams and glasses. This work is vitally important because 1 in 4 children enters first grade with vision loss!

Loss of vision also has a profound impact on our economy and the financial security of families. “At a cost of $139 billion in 2013, eye disorders and vision loss are among the costliest health conditions currently facing the United States,” according to Prevent Blindness America.

You can decide to support the PVF’s mission, and you’ll receive one of these adorable “Lenz Frenz” cases. It opens in back to store your child’s glasses while they sleep and play. All proceeds for the case go to PVF to give another child the gift of sight.

Preserve Vision Florida’s mission is to promote healthy vision through:

  • Vision health awareness and education for all ages
  • Vision screenings for children and adults
  • Assistance to obtain medical eye care
  • Advocacy for vision and medical eye care health services

Key facts about children’s vision:

  • 1 in 4 children enters school with vision loss
  • 12 million children nationwide need vision correction
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes) can cause blindness if untreated by age 10
  • 80 percent of children labelled as “learning disabled” have been found to have a vision problem

PVF is the only organization that provides vision screenings, vision education, prescription glasses, and vision treatment in Florida. PVF serves the marginalized populations of six counties primarily: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Orange, Polk, and Sarasotas.

Did you know?

LenzFrenz was created by a mom who 5-year-old son sustained an eye injury that threatened the loss of his eye. Treatment involved wearing glasses, but her son did not like wearing them and kept losing them. Wanting to help him see his glasses as a friend, she built him a bear with a glasses case enclosed. It worked! Her son carried the bear with him, and even slept with it. Now children everywhere have a friend to share their new glasses! Learn more

Mommy & Me Terms

Buy one iGreen frame at regular price and receive 50 percent off a second frame of equal or lesser value. Promo applies on Rx Orders only. All proceeds from your purchase of a Lenz Frenz case will be donated to Preserve Vision Florida, in support of their awareness campaign and the work of scientists who will find tomorrow’s cures for the eye diseases that threatens Americans with vision loss and blindness. This promo is valid through July 31, 2018. Limited quantities. While supplies last. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns, exchanges, substitutions, or cash equivalent will be offered. Offer may not be combined with additional offers. Not valid with free shipping offers. Valid for purchases to U.S. shipping/billing addresses only.


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