Focus on Vision

Each month, Preserve Vision Florida focuses on a different topic related to vision health. With information published on our blog, we provide information that Floridians need to preserve sight.

January – National Glaucoma Month: Over 2.2 million Americans over age 40 suffer, but have no symptoms from the “Sneak Thief of Sight” that can lead to blindness. Learn more about glaucoma.

February – AMD/Low Vision Month: Over 2 million people are affected by macular degeneration – low vision aids can help. Info about warning signs informs those at risk. Learn more about AMD/Low Vision.

March – Workplace Eye Wellness Month: The more vision problems employees have, the greater the related healthcare expense – $139 billion is estimated national cost.

April – Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month: Women are at greater risk than men for eye disease. Hormonal changes, age, and smoking can endanger women’s eye health.

May – Ultraviolet Awareness Month: Exposure to UV rays can burn delicate eye tissue and raise the risk of developing cataracts and eye cancer; sunglasses help.

June – Cataract Awareness Month: Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. 24.4 million Americans have cataracts by age 40; more than 50 percent of those aged 80+ have cataracts.

July – Fireworks Safety Month: Estimated 6,400 fireworks-related injuries are seen in ER’s during July alone; 2,300 were to children.

August – Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month: Amblyopia affects 2-3 percent of all children and can cause permanent vision loss. Eye Patch Club helps kids accept treatment.

September – Sports Eye Safety Month: Thousands of eye injuries occur annually related to sports activities among youth and adults; we educate re: sports safety wear.

October – Home Eye Safety Month: Over half of all eye injuries occur in or around the home. We encourage eye wear and emergency treatment.

November – Diabetic Eye Disease Month: Information for 3.6 million Americans who suffer diabetes and how to avoid the onset of diabetic eye disease, diabetic retinopathy. Learn more about diabetic eye disease.

December – Safe Toys and Gifts Month: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports 217,000 ER visits due to toy-related injuries; majority are to head and face, eyes.

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