Low Vision

Low vision means that even with regular glasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery, people find everyday tasks difficult to do. Reading the mail, shopping, cooking, seeing the TV, and writing can seem challenging.

For more information, visit Prevent Blindness America’s website, Living Well With Low Vision.

Courtesy: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health (NEI/NIH)

The National Eye Institute (NEI) is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is the Federal government’s lead agency for vision research that leads to sight-saving treatments and plays a key role in reducing visual impairment and blindness.

How to Modify a Home for Low Vision

Nearly 20 million Americans are visually impaired and can face daily challenges while navigating their homes. Poor lighting, tripping hazards, and disorganization can leave many people in a potentially unsafe environment and reduce their ability to live independently.

This article in Architectural Digest (published August 24, 2023) includes expert advice from Dr. Berry of the USC Keck School of Medicine on the most important considerations for creating a safe and helpful environment for individuals with low vision.


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