Lindsey Franxman’s Vision Health Journey

Through adversity came resilience. Miss Winter Park 2024 and former Miss Tampa 2023, Lindsey Franxman faced a life-altering experience that led to her vision-saving mission.

At age 12, Franxman was diagnosed with blindness due to a virus that attacked her optic nerves. This condition made even the brightest rooms seem dark, limited her peripheral vision, and prevented her from seeing colors.

As an avid reader, this was the most daunting situation young Franxman had encountered. In a matter of days, she went from spending hours reading her favorite books to barely being able to see the pages.

Desperate for answers, her parents immediately took her to the doctor. Blindness was the last thing they expected. After multiple brain scans and spinal taps, doctors were able to determine how to prevent further damage to Franxman’s optic nerve. Despite having an underdeveloped optic nerve, she now has 20/20 vision.

It was scary to go through but it was even scarier to think what I might’ve lost if I hadn’t been treated so quickly and that’s why it’s in my heart to help people that have some sort of vision loss, said Lindsey.

Franxman understands that many students start from zero when learning to read for the first time. The obstacles she faced fueled her passion to connect with students with various vision and learning challenges. She is now a literacy advocate, working to promote literacy and fitness through her LitFit program.

At Preserve Vision Florida, early intervention is at the core of our mission. Lindsey Franxman’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that early detection can have on preventing vision loss.


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